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The District Tour Car Participation

Thank you for the great response to drivers and riders wanting to be part of the Piazza Italia District Tour. Bookings to be part of the tour are now full and we feel we have managed to achieve a great selection of vehicles that fully represent Piazza Italia that the public will enjoy.

Due to the nature of events in each town there is a set amount of space to work within, meaning at this stage we cannot accommodate extra vehicles onsite during the tour. Event safety is always a priority and accepting more requests to take part in the tour would compromise the public’s safety.

As part of the tours legacy we are encouraging businesses to hold promotions and deals linked to their town’s events and Horsham Piazza Italia for the remainder of March. We will be publishing the tour route for motor enthusiasts to explore Horsham districts market towns after the 13th of March. There will also be an event programme which will list visitor attractions and business promotions in each town, so make sure to follow our social media for updates on its release.

Thank you again for your response it’s great to see such enthusiasm for this new venture for Piazza Italia and we look forward to seeing you at the events on the 13th!   Low Rez

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    1. Michael Watts

      Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the late reply the admin was working on the tour,

      In answer to your question however, we did not come back via Broadbridge Heath,


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