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Local Produce Market

Greener Greens stall at Horsham MarketBuying locally produced food and drink has never been so attractive or popular. In buying locally produced food and drink, you’re not just making a statement about the standards of quality and flavour for your dinner table, you’re also making a stand to protect the district’s environment. Since the produce hasn’t had to travel vast distances to get to the market stall, there isn’t so much pollution from the transport vehicles, the roads are clearer and the goods don’t require preservatives to keep that just picked freshness. And with Horsham’s Local Produce Market, you know that all the the traders and produce are from within a 40 mile radius.

Bangers Galore stallThe standard of locally grown food around the district is extremely high, as the thousands of people involved with last year’s Food and Drink Festival will testify. Many independent producers have been lauded for their unfailingly high standards, both in the field and on the market stall. Many of the traders have won prestigious awards such as the the Sussex Food and Drink Awards, where the market itself was the winner in 2014 and the runner-up this year.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about every Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.