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Caffe Italia Coffee Competition

Vote for Horshams best cup of coffee

Vote for Horsham’s best cup of coffee!

The District Post is organising the Caffe Italia competition this year as part of the Horsham Piazza Italia fortnight!

Make sure to vote for your chance to win a £200 Coffee Machine provided by Steamer Trading Cookshop

The competition will take place from Friday, March 13, to April 10, and all local businesses serving coffee are invited to participate. Coffee is an essential part of Italiain culture, and the caffe Italia competition is seraching for the perfect coffee experience. The compeition puts the spotlight on local businesses, with the emphasis on product quality as well as customer service.

Make sure sure to vote on a scale of 0-5 on  flavour, presentation and customer service!

You can vote either in store through the hard copy forms or you can vote online here

The competition closes at midnight on April 10 2015 and the winner will be announced on Friday, April 17.Pretty Things Coffee Shop

Vote now to Win!

Here are some of the businesses are taking part:

Crates Local


Carmela Deli

The Company

Pretty things


Steamer Trading Cookshop

Marks and Spencers