Welcome to Horsham Piazza Italia

Easter Saturday

For your guidance our 2017 Event Programme 

Event Opening Times: 9am to 5pm

Car Departure Finale – 3.30pm in the Carfax

What Where When Sponsor
Fiat Uno Display Bishopric 9am – 3.30pm Lyon’s Farm Cars
Fiat Display Bishopric 9am – 5pm Lyon’s Farm Cars
Classic Car Display Market Square 11am – 3.30pm Mortimer’s Prestige
Supercar Display East Street 11.15am – 3.30pm Team Pegg
Private Collection
Supercar Display Carfax 11.15am – 3.30pm The Children’s Trust
Porsche Display Outside Ask Italian 9am to 5pm Cridford’s Porsche
Static Car Display Carfax 9am – 5pm HWM


What Where When Sponsor
Italian Food Market Carfax


9am to 5pm Italia In Piazza & Local Businesses
Horsham Local Produce Market Carfax 9am to 5pm Food Rocks Horsham Markets
Horsham General Market Bishopric 9am to 5pm Coden Events
Italian Beer Tent Carfax 9am to 5pm Hepworth Brewery
Food and wine stalls Carfax Carmela’s & Piaggio Prosecco Bar
Pizza and Ice Cream Stalls Bishopric 9am to 5pm Surrey Ices & Pizza Oven
What Where When Sponsor
Italian Cookery Demonstration Theatre Carfax Bandstand 10am – 4.00pm Bradley Stoves
The Children’s Trust Carfax 9am to 5pm The Children’s Trust
Young Driver’s Experience Swan Yard 9am to 5pm Stay Safe Driving School
Taste of Italy Zone Carfax 9am to 5pm Taste of Italy
Road Safety Zone Carfax Amphitheatre 9am to 5pm Kwik Fit  – We Care

With SSRP, IAM and SERV Sussex

Face Painting Forum 10am to 4pm Busy Days
Children’s Rides Forum 10am to 4pm Local Businesses
Electric Car Display Forum 10am to 4pm Tesla
Children’s Zone Forum 10am to 4pm Toy Barnhaus  with Horsham Churches Together, Jumpin’ Jockeys & Benson’s Rides
Italian Art  and Wine Trail Across Town 10am to 4pm Cloud Gallery with Horsham Museum, Retroesque, Brock Taylor, La Source, The Kitchen Store.
Dan the Hat – Children’s Entertainer Forum 10.00am to 3pm –

Various Times

Stepping Out  – Roving harmonies Across town 10.30am to 3.30pm – Various Times Carmela’s
Jake and Sidney Pie – Comedy Chefs Carfax 11.00am to 4pm – Various Times Carmela’s
Franz Hepburn – Opera Carfax Bandstand 12noon – 3pm – Various Times Carmela’s
Terra Nova Performing Arts and Young HAODS – Music and Dance Forum 12.30 – 1pm